When it comes to dating apps, we’ve had enough small talk and not enough incredible experiences. We think people get to know each other by sharing smoothies after yoga class and meeting for happy hours that turn into dinners. We’re not here for penpals or ghosts. We’re here to make memories and meet the people who will be in the next ones.

Post a Date.

Members can post dates for other members in their area and see who’s interested. Dates can be as general or as niche as you like. Cast the net wide with a dinner date on Saturday night, or find the person who will go bird watching with you after brunch. Keep it one-on-one or make it a double. Shake can accommodate dates of up to 10 members if you want to turn your date into a dinner party. We also let you decide who’s paying ahead of time, so there’s no awkwardness.


Browse dates.

Take a back seat and browse dates posted by other members. Show the host you’re interested by applying to or liking the date, or you can follow their profile to see what they post next. If the feeling is mutual, the host can message you and start a conversation. Member profiles are only visible when you’ve posted a date or to the person whose date you’ve liked, meaning that members have full control over when and how their profile is seen.

Meet IRL.

You’re only seeing dates that are on the books, so the next step is what we’re all here for. We know it’s tempting to flake, but 99% of life is showing up. We expect our members to deliver dates as described and stick to their word. Imagine the people you’d miss out on if you stayed home! We want you to meet them. We’ll also be dropping exclusive group dates every week, so check your notifications for what’s next.


How to join

Prospective members can apply on our app or ask a current member for an invite. Applications are reviewed frequently and as we expand to new cities.
Launching in Miami in April 2022 and coming soon to cities nationwide.


See below for some frequently asked questions about the Shake App. Just remember, if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact support.

Is Shake free to use?

Shake is currently in private beta and everyone participating will receive a free premium membership automatically for participating in beta. Going forward, Shake will ALWAYS be free to use, but of course, we need to pay the bills somehow, we have more fully developed premium features coming in the next few months so keep checking back!

Can I specify who is going to pay for the date?

Of course! Nobody likes that awkward part of the date. With Shake, we give you full control. There are three types. “Take me” (the other person pays), “On me” (you are paying), or “50/50” where you just split the bill!

What if I can't make the date but it's already locked in?

That’s ok, things happen! Just like in real life if this happens, reach out to the person you’re supposed to be going on a date with a try and reschedule. While the point is to make scheduling simple and painless, we know life doesn’t always go to plan. However, if you do this frequently, your account may be flagged and action may be taken. We make every effort to ensure that the Shake community is full of real, awesome people, not bots, flakes and swindlers…

What if I don't get chosen for a date?

Nothing! You can check back on the status of a date at any time to see how things are progressing, and if you don’t get to go on the date, post your own and have someone take you! Remember, if you post a date, YOU get to choose who to take, from a list of people already interested!

Can I talk to people before responding to a date?

We designed Shake to be as “spam-free” as possible. Nobody wants unsolicited messages, so we found a way to combat this very effectively. Only the person posting the date can initiate contact with anyone that applied. For example, if you post a date, you can initiate a conversation with anyone that applied to, or liked your date. Once you’ve sent a message, they can then message you back.

This means that you cannot message anyone to ask about a date before responding. This is why it’s very important to be clear and descriptive in your dates, tell every detail! We’re here to make things easier and more efficient, not to just fill your inbox with messages that go nowhere. We’re all about plans!